How to Mining Bitcoin for Beginners 2021


How to Mining Bitcoin for Beginners 2021

Mining Bitcoin is an activity that is done to get Bitcoin. In Bitcoin mining the miners (the person who mines Bitcoin) will be rewarded in the form of Bitcoin if they break a certain code that is on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Here is how to mining bitcoin, which is an activity to mine Bitcoin.

How to Assemble a PC for Solo Mining

In general, people who want to assemble a PC for mining spend at least tens of millions to properly make a big profit.

How is the solution for pc mining to be achieved quickly? Of course, by shrinking the hardware, first run mining with low specifications.

What is required and how do I mining bitcoin by assembling a PC? Here's an explanation of how bitcoin mining is easy for beginners:

1. Choosing computer tools for mining

Choose a computer device that can reduce electricity costs when mining and can also maximize bitcoin mining revenue relative to electricity costs. So the cost is a little to get bitcoin and maximum profit.

2. Motherboard

Specifically for mining bitcoin, look for motherboards that provide MULTI SLOT PCI-E. There are many brands that can be adjusted to the budget, the more PCI-E slots the price is also more expensive.

For starters, you can choose 2 PCI-E slots for low specifications.

If you want higher specifications you need a motherboard that has at least 6 PCle slots to accommodate your GPUs.

3. Processor / CPU

CPUs are not so important for Bitcoin mining only the GPU works whereas the CPU does not.

Recommended processors are at least i5 or i7. The higher the core, the more helpful altcoin mining can be in low spec.

4. Hard Drive

This hard drive is used to run the operating system and data storage. If you start solo mining, then blockchain storage will require a large amount of space.

At least provide a hard drive of 250 GB, this is more than enough.

Or you can also use a solid state drive that is almost the same as a hard drive but ssd is faster and safer. It is recommended that 60 GB – 120 GB is enough for your mining rig.

5. RAM

In mining there is no need for RAM, but it is best to prepare 4 GB of RAM, such as Team Elite 4GB DDR4 PC2400.

This value does not affect the mining results, it is only still needed to run the operating system and mining program.

6. Power Supply

If you are going to buy low spec mining for altcoins, simply prepare a PSU below 700W such as thermaltake TR2 S 700W.

But if using more than 2 graphics cards, set up a PSU of 1000W or more of this value.

The more you use your graphics card, the more power you need.

7. Graphics Card

If you want to start from a low spec, just use the 2 graphics cards that are on the motherboard. The graphics card can use R7900, GTX1060 6GB GDDR5.

For higher specifications there are 2 Graphic Processing Units or GPU that are good for mining cryptocurrencies namely NVDIA and AMD.

If you want to buy NVDIA, it is recommended to buy GE FORCE 1070/1080, both GPUs are energy efficient but not very good when compared to AMD Radeon 470/480,570,580.

8. Cooling Fan

Look for powerful fan processors and additional fans to help keep the air from overheating. Fan processors are indispensable in mining altcoins with low spec, processors are also used. Putting the CPU in an air-conditioned room is also one way to help and reduce fan usage.

9. Software for Mining

Software for bitcoin mining:

  • bitcoin miner
  • BTC miner
  • easy miner
  • CG miner
  • BFG miner

Software for mining Ethereum:

  • Ethminer
  • Geth

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is the process of purchasing CPU power from data centers that use equipment to perform cryptocurrency mining activities such as Bitcoin (BTC) or other altcoins that can be converted into bitcoins. this is an alternative way of mining bitcoin.

The advantage of this approach is that users do not need to have in-depth knowledge of hardware mining, nor buy expensive equipment.

Renting 'hash power' (sometimes measured in Gigahertz per second or GH/s) also means no need to deal with heat and noise in DIY mining projects.

Most of these companies have their own equipment or make it at low cost and place their data centers in countries like Iceland and China where electricity costs are cheaper, saving you.

Provider Cloud Mining


The principle of this app is 'get Bitcoin while using Google Chrome browser'. This concept is used as cryptotab positioning.

Genesis Mining

As the longest established (2013) and has the largest cloud mining center, it looks like Genesis is the best choice to start mining bitcoin.

Their website offers live feeds from several data centers based in Iceland, a country that provides geothermal power at low cost.


Hashnet was launched in 2014 by Bitmain, a world-renowned ASIC hardware mining manufacturer. Bitmain also operates the largest mining pool: Antpool. When the results of mining bitcoin have been obtained, do not forget to secure using a bitcoin wallet or bitcoin wallet.