5 Steps How to Start An Online Business for Beginners

In addition to doing the main job, many people are running side businesses. One of the most frequently selected types of businesses is online business. Besides being easy to do, this type of business can also use minimal capital. Well, if you are interested in joining an online business, be sure to follow the guidelines in this article.

Of course running an online business is not the same as other businesses. There are many new things you have to learn. To guide you to start this business, you should check out the step by step below!

Find Product Ideas

Of course, in running an online business, you must gather passion first. However, sometimes, after the spirit smolders, even confusion to determine the idea of the product to be sold. Well, for that, you have to apply the first way to join an online business, namely by looking for what the community needs.

Be a problem solver or intermediary for solutions to other people's problems. In addition, exchange the benefits you give as mutually beneficial transactions with each other.

Choose Products That Can Be Sold Online

We recommend that you also choose products that can be sold online. Well, some types of such goods are physical products, services, as well as virtual or digital products. For physical products, some of the recommendations are medicine, soap, watches, fashion items, and so on. As for services, can offer vector making services, logos, articles, and so on depending on the skills you have.

For digital products that you can consider include credit, data packages, e-books, information products, software, and online courses. Make sure you have an overview of your online business join plan. Also understand the patterns of online marketing to make your business more smooth.

Creating Olshop or Website

Next, create an online store to sell your products. Also take advantage of marketplaces and social media to reach a broader target market. If your business is serious, then it's a good idea to create a dedicated website to introduce your product. The website can also be a reference for buyers to know more about the product.

For various marketplaces and social media that you can expand as a marketing media including Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, and many more.

Promoting Online

The fourth step you can do is to do a promotion. This activity aims to get traffic on the website. The way to get started is to make use of social media sites.

This step is the fastest way to get your business information across. Especially if you have a lot of followers and friends. After that, display the product or service on business directory sites such as marketplace and Kaskus.

For a more advanced step, then use SEO techniques, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads.

Building a System           

One of the keys that you have to hone in order for the business to start is to always hone your skills to sell goods. However, building this business also means building a system. That way, your business will also be able to become an asset.

The purpose of building the system is if the owner decides to no longer be active in the business that has been pioneered, then the income can still enter or in other words can bring passive income.

Thus the discussion on how to join an online business for beginners. Pay attention to each step and don't give up quickly. Because, the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to dare to speculate and dare to fail many times. Happy business!