How to Increase Turnover Significantly Can Be Through Online Businesses

Many have earned a turnover of tens to tens of millions of rupiah per month, even more than that. If you want to get started, you should know how to start an online business from 0. Using online platforms or social media to do business is becoming something very common these days. In addition to providing many advantages, online business is quite easy for a beginner. It is natural that the growth of online business in Indonesia is quite rapid.How to Start An Online Business from 0?

How to Start An Online Business from 0?

Online businesses promise financial success for their business owners. But that success can only be realized if you know the right way to do your business online. Indeed many are successful when running an online business. However, the failed ones are also not the least. The mistake is, they don't know the success tips on how to start an online business from 0. Well, for those of you who have plans to do business online, we recommend reading the tips that we will provide below.

These tips are how to start an online business from 0 so as not to fail in the future.

1, Understanding the Opportunities for Products / Services to Be Sold

You must fully understand and understand the ins and outs of the products or services sold. Knowledge of business products will later affect sales results. So, understanding the specifications of the products that will be used as an online business is very important. Some examples of specifications that must be known by online businesses are the purchase price, quality, market share of the product, and so on. Also understand whether the product you will sell a lot of fans or not.

To find out if a product has a good market opportunity or not, you can do keyword research using Google Trends. Through Google Trends, anyone can see what products or services have a good trend today.

2, Researching Competitors

Once you've determined the product type for your online business, the next step is to research your competitors. Don't miss this one. By looking at and researching your competitors a little bit, you can decide on a marketing strategy step.

Researching competitors is actually quite easy. Try to see some of the target competitors selling similar products in online stores like Shopee, and more. See how the quality, the price, reviews from consumers, to their rating.

Learn everything from competitors including their strengths and weaknesses. You can then implement a suitable marketing strategy that rivals even your competitors' sales targets.

3. Define a Business Model

There are several models in marketing business products. Adapt to your needs. If you have more capital, you can market it through your own website and buy stock of goods from suppliers.

However, if there are insufficient capital problems, there are other models that are more efficient. This business model is dropship. Using the dropship business model, you don't need to spend capital to buy products first. Simply promote products from suppliers through social media accounts.

You will get paid after the product is posted on your social media account. In this case there is a profit sharing system between the provider of goods / suppliers with the seller that is you yourself. That's a dropship business model that's perfect for beginners.

5. Market Your Business Appropriately and Targeted

How good the quality of the products sold, otherwise you market it appropriately will be in vain. Proper marketing can boost sales to generate large turnover. Use SEO techniques on websites, FB Ads, Instagram Ads to market your online business. In preparing all the needs of how to start an online business from 0, there is now Shopee Big Ramadhan Sale. In this special service can buy various needs such as items that can be resold online.